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how to water a cactus/how to drink coffee/barista series(not in reference to pacific) [14 Aug 2009|12:41pm]
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watermelon juice [17 Jul 2009|05:48pm]

hi.part of my finger is in there!
part of my fingers are in that glass!

so 2 years ago,karl gave me a juicer,and i hate juice,so dan and i had used it only 3 times.then i realized i loved watermelon juice and thought i'd make some on wednesday.
i got a skin graph today,though.
then patrick threw his guitar across the kitchen and threw a plate of bakes squash at me.this is what summer is all about!


What Dreams Are Made Of/Show Them what You're Made Of [16 Jul 2009|01:01am]
What Dreams Are Made Of/Show Them what You're Made Of-Hood

What Dreams Are Made Of/Show Them what You're Made Of-Butt

What Dreams Are Made Of/Show Them what You're Made Of-Corn

What Dreams Are Made Of/Show Them what You're Made Of-Tea Bag

What Dreams Are Made Of/Show Them what You're Made Of-Fig

What Dreams Are Made Of/Show Them what You're Made Of-Fist

What Dreams Are Made Of/Show Them what You're Made Of
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[14 Jul 2009|11:02pm]
touches and tails and feels.
sometimes i want that feeling that is like things touching and pulling and grabbing and feeling and the opposite of fleeting,rather taking me over,like when i call 1-800-hot dick and have just things and stuff and what-have-you-not expeller-pressed like organic canola oil all over me.
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beoming a ginger [08 Jun 2009|02:07am]



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[19 May 2009|02:14am]



space age hipster debris [29 Apr 2009|07:23pm]
Space Age Hipster Debris
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[24 Mar 2009|01:19am]
I Don't Know
I Don't Know

New Forms of Dialogue or Different Ways of Speaking
New Forms of Dialogue or Different Ways of Speaking


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second neighbours [02 Mar 2009|01:15am]
'second neighbours'-1

'second neighbors'-3

'second neighbors'-2
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young falcon,exposed and vulnerable [12 Feb 2009|02:30pm]
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[10 Dec 2008|10:18pm]
today i had to buy yellow acrylic paint so that i could paint the bananas i built over the past few days,so i went to de serres where i have a gift card and i asked the girl which paint was best and then she asked me i was buying artist quality or student quality paint,and i stopped and then said well,ummm,can't an artist be a student and a student be an artist,i don't understand,how can they be different?and then she explained that that's just the different qualities of the paint and that artist quality is higher quality and longer lasting and more professional and more realistic in colour,and that student quality isn't as high quality and the colour is less realistic and more exaggerated.so i decided that i'm an artist and i went and chose a tube of artist grade paint,which was twice as much as the student grade.so i took a tube of that and the artist grade and went back to the clerk and asked really how much better the artist grade was over the student grade and she said that it's longer lasting,and will last hundreds upon hundreds of years,though the student grade will last a while too.and that there's a noticeable difference to real artists.but if i'm just doing a little craft project,the student grade should be fine.my bananas deserve the best.craft project,craft project,craft project,craft project.

and then i bound a book and i went to capers to buy agave nectar but they didn't have the one i wanted,so i didn't buy any.i love agave nectar.plain,from the bottle.i also love tahini mixed with agave nectar.a lot.i really like brown rice syrup,straight,too.
and i love kabocha squash.i eat it everyday,

i got espresso at medina today.vancouver's modern urban guide says it's coffee for connoisseurs.they just sell 49th parallel espresso,but the man was so nice and charming,in a really muscular way.all the reviews of the place didn't mention the coffee,well coffee coffee,just mochas and waffles.

sian met me at 6:30 tonight to get coffee,too,and i had a macchiato and it had the cutest,littlest,best heart in the foam and i was so impressed,i couldn't believe it,because everyone here thinks soymilk is the hardest thing in the world to work with.

i'm going to paint my bananas now,and i made a book today.
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2 sonic youths. [04 Dec 2008|12:03am]

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Writer's Block: Under the Tree [19 Nov 2008|05:16pm]
What gifts, big or small, are you hoping to find under the tree this year?

OH MY GOSHISHNESSSSS [03 Nov 2008|09:16pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey guys
its me again!
Whats up.
today i went out and bought some flavoured lube. and poured it all over my ice cream.
YUMYUM It was SOOOOOOOO good. I got pina colada and cherry. I wonder how many calories it has???
I bought a poodle last week. It likes to be rubbed.. rubbing it kinnda turns me on. shhhh don't tell anyone.;) i kinnda think im getting into this weird phase where im starting to like animals...a bit too much. i dont know, is that weird? what do you guys think? like do you ever think about pleasuring your pet? hmmm i dont know, maybe thats weird. ive heard of girls putting peanut butter on themselves and having dogs eat them out...i kinnda wanna try it...maybe in my behind? huh i wonder what'd thatd feel like. well im going grocery shopping tomorrow so we'll just see! :) alrighty then, talk to you home boys later! keep it ReAlLlLlL!!!!!

( . )( . )

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dear washington state,we just want ice cream [09 Jul 2008|01:17am]
so today,my sister,ryan and i took a little trip to seattle(2.5 hour drive)
we had a great day-sold some stuff,went to sidecar(the woman remembered my name from last time i was there!crazy.),saw some sculptures in a park,and enjoyed the sunshine.
so we really wanted this new purely decadent ice cream.like all of them.we were just gonna buy some ice and drive them home from seattle,but then we remembered that bellingham has an awesome co op with lots of vegan ice cream,so we figure we'll just stop there right before crossing the border home.well everything is fine,we're about 1 mile away from the bellingham exit,and we get pulled over for going 78mph in a 60 zone.then,the cop realizes that ryan's license expired.it expired after only 1 year,so the officer runs a check on it and yes,it was expired.so he comes back and says that we won't give us the $600 ticket for driving with an expired license and will only give a $93 speeding ticket.BUT since it's illegal to be driving with the expired license and he ran the check,any officer or border patrol who pulls him over will know him and be able to arrest him.so,we had to follow him to the next exit(our exit!) and park in a park and ride and try to find somebody with a valid license to come and drive the car back.so we're screwed for a while.then we get a hold of my dad who JUST got off a plane from ottawa and was driving home.so instead of going home he drives to ryan's mom's house,and picks her up(they'd never even met)and drive to the park and ride where we are.ny dad drops his mom off,says hi and she drives us back to vancouver and my dad drives back.and we made it home at 11:30.we were pulled over at 7:30.the co op closed at 9:00.i'm really glad we were able to find 2 people who could drive to come get us,but we wanted ice creams,too.but atleast we didn't buy it in seattle and have it all melt when we had to stop driving.or maybe if we were like "you have to let us drive back!our vegan ice cream will melt if you don't!" the officer would have let us go.

those cupcakes i was talking about [24 May 2008|11:35pm]
Picture 081

Picture 082
banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.

Picture 076
vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting and sprinkles.

Picture 075
chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream

Picture 071
peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate ganache

Picture 088

Picture 089

Picture 091


oh,i made peanut butter cups while the the cupcakes were cooling and before i started to make the frostings.

i don't think,i know [23 May 2008|10:00pm]
i just baked 48 cupcakes(4 different varieties with 4 different frostings)made peanut butter cups(a'la reese's) and cleaned the kitchen.except for the floor,but the floor will never be clean.it's been filthy since i moved in,and probably before that.now i'm listening to move this by technotronic.and i have so much energy.i'm "hyper".and i haven't even eaten a bowl of peanut butter frosting yet.

today i also went for a bike ride,went to my dad's to get toilet paper,tubb was home because it's sports day,went to save on foods to get chocolate chips and bananas so i wouldn't have to later when my backpack was heavy,and there i found another crazy pair or ostentatious and huge sun glasses that 4 years ago i would have paid like $12 for.remember when leah and i were in LA with paul and were all really f-bombed up and leah's broke?so sad.uhh then i drew for 3 hours straight,took a gigantic,weird bowel movement,peeled and ate part of a mango,like the pit part and what gets stuck on the skin,rode to get the rest of the cupcake groceries,so strathcona,then through gastown then to jugo juice downtown to get my pay check,then to buy sprinkles,and then to get cupcake liners and i ran into a boy i used to sit next to in biology earlier this year.he was like long time no see.then i came home,drew a little bit,ate the mango,duh,then started baking and stuff.wow crazy.good day,but everything still kinna sucks.i think mimi is coming over to get cupcakes,though.she just phoned,so i don't think,i know.
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[18 May 2008|01:09am]
even 10 year olds are going to college now.
like i said,i hate myself and i want to die.

[18 May 2008|12:18am]
i feel really really sick right now.
i worked from 3-9pm today,and didn't have a 15 minute break,which was fine,because I don't do anything on them anyways besides sit outside of the baskin robbins which is right on the sidewalk and everyone on it looks right down on you when you're sitting because it's kind of in the middle of the sidewalk.anyways,there's a giant clock,so i can watch it and see after 20 minutes has gone by.i know it's only 15,but if anyone said anything,i'd just say "i went out at this time.go look at the giant clock outside.yours must be different."
point being,i didn't get one,and it didn't matter.
i went to save on foods on the way home to buy a mango to eat tomorrow.because i've eaten one everyday since thursday when i was forced to buy one to spend more than $5 so i could use debit.i ended up buying 2 because they were $0.99 and organic.i'm so glad i did.so i went to buy an apple this morning and i got a mango instead.
i didn't get a back from the store and i didn't get any save on more points,so i started arguing that even though i wasn't reusing a save on bag,i should get points,and i was really making great points,but then the girl was just like "do you want me to give you points?" and i said yes.
this may be really screwed up,but on march 30 when save on opened and i went there i thought "oh no,i won't be able to get points when i move away for school next year.will i use them before i leave?maybe someone will get them for me so i can still use them for a vacation trip or cruise or airmiles".
well i still think about that,because i know i'll be going away next year,but i don't know where.and it's not school.i'm gonna be a failure the rest of my life because i'm not going to art school or even community college because i don't have money for the former and it's too late to go anywhere else now.so when people are like "what do you do?" i can be like "i don't go to school".what an idiot.i can't even go to iceland like i wanted,daniel said it's not that easy.stupid risd,who won't give me any money.i'm an international student,i'm valuable to their cultural diversity factor.and i can't get loans either because i'm an international student.and canada only gives $16,000 loans.and why is it so much to go to school for one year?i'm not saying i wouldn't pay it,because i think a great education is better than a speedboat in most cases,but if the school is already so selective and it has a huge endowment,why not give more money?
anyways,back to me feeling sick.so i left work and i was really hungry and really tired,because since i've come back from california i've only gotten like 6 hours of sleep per night.sometimes less.maybe once or twice i got 7.so i came home and i ate a banana and the some of the coffee cake i made from testing for isa's brunch book and peanut butter and like i dunno,i felt full and then i dind't want to draw,and then i started thinking about how i hate myself and i want to die and then just flet sick.now it's 12:35 and i'm not gonna get any sleep again.
so i'm going to wish about things.
in february i started praying about stuff.i thought it might work better than acronyms on my hand.but fingers always pointed up.down=praying to the devil.
okay i wish
i wish i become famous
i wish mom lives forever and gets happy
i wish polaroid will keep making 600 instant film
i wish i meet bjork one day
i wish dad makes money again
i wish i feel okay tomorrow morning,which is technically later this morning
i wish i still become famous because i really want to
i wish i eclipse the greats
i wish i make really cool stuff and some people like it
i wish everything works out for next year because i'm really really scared and i feel like it's killing me and making everything else bad.

and i love the song scenes from an italian restaurant by billy joel.so so so much.it makes me feel really good,but at certain parts it can make me cry,too.
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it's a dog's life. [15 May 2008|11:07pm]
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